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Come and check out the members that compose Mi Casa Healthcare LLC

We fully understand how difficult the journey is for patients and their family members. Although it may seem that you are going through this alone, we want you to know that every member of our team is here to help you. Each member brings different skills to the table to ensure that our clients have a holistic and fulfilling experience while they are under our care.

Mi Casa Healthcare LLC team is made up of:

Hospice Services                               Home Health Services                       Caregiver Services

  Medical Directors                             Nurses                                                  Caregiver

  Nurses                                                CNAs

  CNAs                                                   Physical Therapist

  Social Workers                                  Occupational Therapist

  Volunteers                                         Speech Therapist

  Chaplains                                           Social Workers

  Bereavement Counselors


Please give us a call if you have any questions regarding our staff members.


1319 March Ave. Bldg. # 5

San Antonio, TX 78214


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